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网站的建造者Jonathan Goldsmith现年27岁,曾正在安达信从事2年的咨询事变。他正在4月的7000人裁人中被开除。他说他设立网站的目标是为了继承以及曾的同事保持友爱接洽。


Site unites Andersen alums

By James Evans
A former Andersen employee has launched a Web site to keep alumni of the Chicago-based auditing firm in touch with each other in the wake of the company's recent struggles and mass layoffs.

The site went live last week and now has about 450 members, primarily alumni of Andersen's Chicago office.

Former Andersen consultant Jonathan Goldsmith, who was let go in April when the embattled accounting firm slashed 7,000 positions, said he created the Web site in the hopes of keeping friendships kindled among Andersen alumni despite the disintegration of the firm.

"I was really upset that I was going to be leaving a lot of strong relationships," Mr. Goldsmith said. "I talked to a lot of people and they said they were not really concerned about losing their jobs but losing some really good friendships."

Mr. Goldsmith, 27, worked at Andersen for 2 �years. He and a tech-savvy friend took it upon themselves to develop so they could keep in touch.

The site, Spartan with few bells and whistles, provides e-mail addresses and a place to post resumes. The site will eventually enable visitors to post questions, comments and concerns for other alumni in an online discussion forum. Membership is free, said Mr. Goldsmith, who is looking for a job but spending most of his time managing the site.

He said the images of hundreds of Andersen employees, boxes in hand, leaving the Chicago office for the final time after the April layoffs left him with a bad feeling (, April 8).

"I just feel it was an injustice," Mr. Goldsmith said. "I just don't think it should end like that."